Funky Flight FPV Frame

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a Kasling Aircraft  Technology

Electronics Hardware

Flight Controller Racing Edition:


  • PWM, SBUS, Spektrum
  • Gryo and ACC
  • Runs openAxon



Purchase Price:    $50.00

Flight Controller Full Edition:


  • PWM, SBUS, Spektrum
  • Gryo, Mag, and ACC
  • Runs openAxon
  • I/O Ports


Purchase Price:    $80.00

FPV Frame Kit:


  • Carbon Fiber Arms and Center
  • ABS Gear and Roll Cage
  • 3D Printed Radio Case
  • Motors and Props Included


Purchase Price:    $350.00

StovePipe:   COMING SOON!!!


  • A Safer Way to Fly Indoors
  • Dual Rotating Props
  • Runs openAxon
  • Fins for Stability and Control


Purchase Price:    $250.00

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